We take pride in presenting a well managed farm with alert, healthly, happy donkeys. We provide our donkeys with top quality hay, nutritional supplements,  daily attention, experienced farrier care, routine worming, and annual vaccines.

It has been our experience that Miniature Donkeys do best with a good quality 1st or 2nd cutting orchard grass mix. We have always baled our own hay on the farm.

We provide our donkeys free access to salt with selenium and a mixed mineral (we prefer loose salt and mixed minerals over blocks so they don't have to grind their teeth on the block).  The donkeys will consume only what they need.   We also provide a high fiber, low calorie/sugar grain.

Minerals we provide and their purpose...
Calcium (Ca) is important in bone development and maintenance.
Phosphorus (P) is also important in bone formation and maintenance.
Magnesium (Mg) is important in skeletal development, muscles, and nervous tissue.
Potassium (K) is important in maintaining adequate cellular pH. A potassium deficiency can result in a decreased appetite, weight loss, and fatigue.
Iron (Fe) is important as a part of blood hemoglobin
Copper (Cu) is important in bone and cartilage development and iron utilization.
Zinc (Zn) is important in bone development, healthy hooves and coat, and reproduction.
Cobalt (Co) is important for the synthesis of vitamin B12
Iodine (I) is important in the production of the hormone thyroxine.
Selenium(Se) is important to reproduction, growth, healthy muscle, cell and tissue development, and the immune system.
Vitamin A is important in vision, reproduction, digestion and respiration.
Vitamin D-3 controls the absorption, transport and deposition of calcium and phosphorus.
Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant and maintains healthy cells.

Our donkeys always have access to fresh, clean water. In the winter, we use heated buckets to assure their water does not freeze.

Our donkeys have free access to pasture year round. We keep our pastures free of weeds.

We worm our donkeys every eight weeks rotating ivermectin and pryantel pamoate.

We vaccinate annually for Easter/Western Encephalomyelitis, Tetanus, Rhinopneaumonitis, and Influenza. We use Fluvac Innovator 5.

We are fortunate to have a great farrier, Mark McCann. Mark visits our farm every eight weeks and checks each donkey.

We use stalls with rubber mats and use wood shavings year round (straw in the winter). Scott installed automatic ceiling fans which keep it cool and comfortable on hot summer days. All stalls are cleaned daily.

​We keep a record of our donkeys health care. It not only helps us to assure we are meeting our donkey's needs, but we have also found it to be much appreciated my new owners. ​Please feel free to print and use our free health record.

Scott and Theresa Ellinger     |     14677 Dutch Cross Rd     |     Centerburg, Ohio     |     740-625-9092     |     Email:  ellingerset@gmail.com

Updated on February 12, 2014
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