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Native to the island of Sardinia, the Miniature Donkey is a unique breed with a rich history. Since the original Sardinian imports to the U.S., Sardinian Miniature Donkeys have been bred with each other, other imports, and with donkeys in the United States to produce a distinct American breed of donkey called the Miniature Mediterranean Donkey. 

Because Sardinian Miniature Donkeys are nearly extinct, Registered Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys with pedigrees tracing back to original imports are highly valued in breeding programs with a focus on promoting and protecting the integrity of the breed.
It is these donkeys who remain truest to the Sardinian breed and who will closest resemble the breed's unique characteristics.

With our focus on promoting and protecting the integrity of the breed, and limited, select breeding, we believe our Miniature Donkey Breeding program is among the best and most respected in the country.  

The goal of our program is to produce a strong, sturdy and well balanced Miniature Donkey with all parts blending together in a nicely coupled, compact picture. Temperament is a priority as the Miniature Donkey should be gentle, loving, responsive, trusting, and willing to please.  We offer beautiful MDR Miniature Donkeys for sale for breeding, show, and companion animals.

Scott was raised in a farming family and earned a degree in Animal Science from the Ohio State University. He has years of experience in livestock breeding and showing and a solid understanding of genetics.  Scott looks at the Miniature Donkey with an eye for correct movement and overall structure. 

Over the years, Theresa has spent many hours dedicated to gaining knowledge and understanding of Miniature Donkey conformation, training techniques, and history of the breed. 
Scott and Theresa Ellinger
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Experience with exporting to England & France

Our farm is located in Centerburg, Ohio, about 40 miles NE of Columbus via State Route 71.
The Miniature Donkey is well known for its affectionate nature. In our breeding program, we place the highest importance on temperament. A well bred Miniature Donkey will be gentle, loving, responsive, trusting and willing to please.  

Our Miniature Donkeys are alert, curious and always seeking our attention. We have built a reputation of excellence by maintaining a small and select breeding group of one jack and 5-8 breeding jennets. 

Each Miniature Donkey in our program has been selected based on the National Miniature Donkey Association Breed Standard. We breed only MDR Registered Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys at or above 30" at maturity.
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